Fast-moving consumer goods

Driving value creation in an era of disruption

The landscape is shifting rapidly for FMCGs, who face a number of disruptions that COVID-19 has now accelerated. FMCG companies are not destined to decline in the face of these disruptions. In any period of change, there is a path to advantage and value creation. In order to thrive and win in this future, FMCG players will need to make proactive, bold investments in five areas.

In this landmark study, we:

  • Look back to deconstruct the drivers of superior value creation
  • Look forward at the disruptions defining the next era
  • Outline the imperatives for FMCG incumbents to shape and win the decade ahead
  • Provide a brief self-assessment to gauge your company’s starting point

Winning in next era requires proactive response to shifting landscape

Looking Back

The FMCG sector has an unmatched history of value creation but performance has lagged significantly in recent years and suffered a major shock from Covid-19

Looking Forward

5 emerging disruptions will define the next era of FMCG and proactive response is required to create competitive advantage through the turbulence


Scaled FMCG incumbents are not destined to decline in the face of these disruptions, but winning will require bold investment and proactive effort across 5 strategic imperatives


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