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Why join?

  • Mentoring is about giving and taking. The more you give of yourself, the more you get back
    Mai-Britt Poulsen
    Global Chief of Staff, BCG
  • The Female Mentorship Program was a great way to get a better understanding of life as a BCG’er, connect with interesting people, receive some qualified career guidance, and great support in kicking off my BCG career
    Trine de Nully
    Associate, BCG
  • The best part about participating in the Female Mentorship Program was meeting and networking with some of the most talented people I have ever met
    Malene Grønbech Jensen
    VA Alumni, BCG


When do I meet with my mentor?
It will be between you and your mentor to coordinate your meetings and your agendas.

How many times do I meet with my mentor?
It is up to you and your mentor to decide how many times you should meet. In general, mentee and mentor meet 3-5 times during the year.

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