The CDA Is in a Unique Position to Help You Drive Digital Transformation


We know that digitalization will be a source of great challenges and opportunities for the mobility industry and its customers. And we believe automotive businesses will only win in digitalization if they truly embrace it, with all its facets. That’s why we are working with automotive companies to help them experience, explore, build, and anchor digital strategies and solutions.

We offer a full range of support to our clients, from an introduction to digital all the way to developing a corporate venture or digital business. From conceptualization to implementation, we translate our joint ideas into value.

Immerse yourself in digital technologies, and apply digital methodologies. Join us on a trip to the future.

Experience, Explore, Build, and Anchor Your Digital Future



Come with us on a trip through the latest trends and scenarios in the mobility industry as, together, we paint the future of digital in automotive. Experience the latest tech features, products, and services and learn about their uses. Understand what digital means to others—and what it could mean to you.

We offer you a range of vision lectures, case studies, policy reviews, and tech trials that cover the manifold aspects of digitalization in automotive. We are also happy to arrange a start-up visit to a partner from our extensive network in the entrepreneurial scene. Let us introduce you to game changers and business builders and see what your organization can learn from them.



Apply the new methodologies of the digital age. Explore what it means to take a customer-centric approach to design, to fast forward from digital use case to automotive business idea, and to define a minimum viable product (MVP) from a concept vision. Live-test agile development and see the changes it can make to your ideation and creation process.

In our lab sessions, we let you roll up your sleeves and get your hands digital. We ask you to revise what you think you know about your customers and about how they use your products and services. Really put yourself in your customers’ shoes and test your rapidly developed ideas instantly with potential users.



Work with us to seize the opportunities of digitalization and build new business models in the automotive space. Develop a relevant future customer journey, go on a UX sprint session with us to solve a given user experience challenge, or take a leap and build an MVP concept with a functioning prototype. We provide you with tangible, implementable results.

In our recent projects, we have, for example, defined innovative business models for B2B and B2C connected car features and supported their local and international rollout including partner selection. We have designed business models for a travel app and a P2P car sharing marketplace, and developed the actual apps and platforms for different digital use cases.



Join us as we help ensure your new business ideas are implemented as you envision. Transform your organization, establish a new digital mindset, and create ventures that enable new ways of working. Let us help you connect your digital solution to your legacy IT and ensure the fit of new concepts and existing systems.

Our recent project experience includes the development of corporate strategies with focus on digital transformation and innovation, digitalization-enabled supply chain optimization, and the setup of new agile organizational units dedicated to digitalization.

To learn more about IT consulting and implementation management, please visit the IT architects at Platinion, a BCG company whom we partner with.